Following the publication of Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/222 the responsibilities of the EURL for Monitoring Bacteriological and Viral Contamination of Bivalve Molluscs at Cefas have been transferred to the EU Reference Laboratories for the analysis and testing of zoonoses (salmonella) (, the EU reference laboratory for Escherichia coli, including verotoxigenic E. coli (vtec) (, and the EU reference laboratory for foodborne viruses The EU reference laboratory for the monitoring of marine biotoxins has taken over the activities related to the classification and monitoring of production areas for bivalve molluscs ( Information on Cefas’ International Reference Laboratory activities can be found at

Shellfish ecology, public health aspects and detection methods

A shellfish hygiene course will be held at the EURL on the the 16th and 17th April 2015. The course is organised jointly by Cefas and the University of Warwick and aimed at those wishing to gain a broader understanding of the ecology of bivalve shellfish, public health and methods used in the detection of faecal indicators, biotoxins and pathogens. It is aimed at environmental health officers, local/regional government enforcement officers and technical staff engaged in hygiene and quality assurance.

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